Affordable Housing In Qualicum – This Monday May, 27 – 7pm

There are some great topics coming up on monday night at the QB Council Meeting. On the top of my list is the Public Hearing for Kiwanis Village Housing Project, along with 3rd reading, adoption and development permit. It’s great to see this project is making some progress as it has been a long time in the works. The project is going to look and feel great and will certainly aid in the efforts of our towns Cultural Plan, in retaining and attracting youths and families within our area. I know my brothers at
CA Design are excited to be part of the design side of things, and it has taken a lot of peoples time and efforts, first and foremost the Kiwanis Group to get the project to where it is and they are going to need more help as things progress. Thank you for all the work everyone has done so far, we can’t wait to see it completed. You can have a look at monday nights agenda here or at the Kiwanis APC presentation here, and if you’re interested, we’ll see you on monday night, 7pm at Town Hall.

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