An optimistic market and some sales

We’re excited to announce the sale of our current show home in our Parkside neighbourhood in Qualicum Beach, but even more excited about the positivity we have felt in our local market. This time last year it felt as though there was a looming uncertainty in the market place, springing from both global economics and politics but the buyers and lookers as of late seem to be a little more positive and a little less anxious about what is to come, which I feel has been the driver behind numerous sales this year. We have now sold 7 of 12 homes in our Parkside neighbourhood, with one nearly finished spec home and 4 custom home sites remaining, and we are about to begin the construction of 3 4 new custom designed spec homes in our new West Ridge neighbourhood. West Ridge will offer a new style of home for Qualicum Beach and a new home price point that we have not experienced in years. Feel free to be in touch to learn more or stop by Parkside for a visit.

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