Now that the weather is mild it’s time to take advantage of Qualicum Beach & Parksville’s various outdoor workout spots. Being able to run or ride from your front door or a short drive with no traffic to some more unique outdoor recreation is one of my favorite things about living here. Don’t get me wrong, I love Vancouver’s sea wall and trail locations, but it usually takes the majority of my run through city streets or a painfully slow drive to get there, which takes up valuable time you can spend putting the calories back on at Starbucks after your workout, haha. The spot I would recommend this weekend is the Parksville stairs at the end of Doehle Ave by the McKillop Point development. They are right on the waterfront so you can watch the sunrise as you workout and there are lots of benches for taking a much needed rest. You’ll usually see some friendly faces and maybe even drum up a little friendly competition, see you soon.

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