LABlife Ep. 05 – Family Amenities in Qualicum Beach. A Growing Idea.

Qualicum Beach has a rich history of multi-generational living, but over the years it has been a challenge to meet the needs of such diverse groups. With our Community Plan review underway, it is an ideal time to start collaborating on ideas to meet some of these needs for the future. One important group that currently has some growing needs in the community, are families. Qualicum Beach did a community study on retaining our youth and families in 2012 that outlined 2 key areas of focus, family amenities & family housing. This episode of LABlife presents just one idea about the former Qualicum Beach Elementary School property, and how it could meet the need for family amenities. A sustainable, park-like vision to be enjoyed by all generations, that would nurture and cultivate the interests of our youth and retain the much needed energy, skills and services that parents provide in the community. If you could think of an amenity that would benefit your family, your children or your grandchildren on this site or in town, what would it be?

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