Last Night’s QBRA on Development

I attended a great meeting last evening hosted by the Qualicum Beach Residents Association, which I am also a new member of. If you’re interested in joining you can visit the facebook page here Last nights meeting was to discuss the development process and the residents involvement in that process. A panel of three speakers, all local residents and professionals in the development industry were chosen to speak and answer questions including our own Dave Bryan. It is great to live in an area where so many people are passionate about what goes on and are willing to become part of a constructive conversation and process to continue to better the area we live in. Hopefully this is the beginning of some more meaningful dialogue surrounding development in our area. I will leave you with a few questions that Dave posed to the room that we would welcome your personal comments:

1. Do you plan on moving within Qualicum in the next 10 years?
2. How close would you like to live to downtown?
3. What size and type of home / product would you like to move into?

Please send your answers to, we would really like to hear what you think.

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