Last nights council meeting went quite a bit smoother than many as of late. The Kiwanis Project public hearing had no comments and was granted 3rd reading, adoption, and development permit. Thanks were given to all who have been working hard over the years on this and they are hoping to begin construction this year, which will be very exciting for Qualicum Beach. Thanks were also given for the Family Day and Quality Foods Fireworks events held this past weekend which were great if you had a chance to attend. A few motions were passed, but the most intriguing was certainly the review of aligning our Town Boundary with the Urban Containment Boundary. This would allow the Town to make decisions regarding properties within the town rather then multiple levels of Government being involved. The Town of Qualicum Beach is the recent recipient of an award for planning at the FCM, so it will be great for them to continue with the innovative and progressive approach in leading the vision for Qualicum Beach. Also don’t forget about todays bike challenge, 4 pm at Town Hall.

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