LABlife Ep. 02 – Sand Pebbles 2.0 : A New Hotel & Seawall Extension in Qualicum Beach

A fresh start to a year has brought about some fresh new development proposals for Qualicum Beach. A 40 unit hotel project is proposed for the historical Sand Pebbles site. As avid users of the waterfront the LAB was particularly excited to see that the project includes a waterfront walkway on the ocean side of the development to be enjoyed by residents and visitors, so no more running on the road. Growing up here we created a lot of fun memories at the ‘Pebbles’, but over the years it has come to offer less and less and is very much in need of a revitalization. This is especially true considering it is one of just a few waterfront properties in with development potential for hospitality and tourism in Qualicum Beach. This is a big undertaking in a small town like Qualicum Beach that bears a lot of risk from a development and business perspective, so we want to say thank you to the Developer for having spent the time and energy bringing this project forward. So far the project doesn’t appear to include much in the way of amenities or a hospitality experience most likely due to feasibility, but the Town has encouraged the Developer to take another look at perhaps incorporating some amenities, particularly a restaurant / lounge with a roof top patio, which I know we would be fans of. Now all we need is a beach volleyball court.

More detailed project information can be viewed here

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