MARKET | Video Update – Jan 24, home sales between Qualicum Beach and Fairwinds

January 2016 is off to a great start in our local real estate market. For our weekly market update on single family home sales between Qualicum Beach and Fairwinds we wanted to share a few numbers of not.
24 – The number of single family home sold to date as of today January 24, 2016.
we are going to have to wait and see how this compare to the next number…
37 – The number of single family homes sold throughout the entire month of January 2015.
of special note is the next number…
11 – The number of those 24 homes that sold in less then 7 days.
Nearly half, which is great to see this sort of pace this early in the year and certainly shows some urgency and pent up demand in the market. Last..
8 – Is the number of single family homes that sold for over $450,000 and up.
It is great to see such equal absorption in alternative price points.

That is this week update, stay tuned for next weeks update to come. Also we have an exciting month coming up at the HOMELAB. We have some home and design focus groups coming up. We have some new listings coming up. We have a new neighbourhood we are working, and we also have a new show home or two we are launching at West Ridge in February. If you would like to learn more about this or be apart of things get in touch

Or visit us at the HOMELAB
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See you soon…

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