TRENDS | What home buyers are looking from NAHB Builders Show – Day 2

Day two saw some great innovations and speakers as well. The 2016 Home Builders show is the biggest I’ve seen it this year with 3 different venues including KBIS (Kitchen & Bath) the Builder show, the Surfaces show which equals a lot of walking but the floors are filled with great products, ideas and innovation for the upcoming years of home design and construction. Some of that standout points from day 2 are:

Adding movement in design for function – Whether it be multi purpose built ins, drawers in your stairs, or my personal favourite sliding, rolling or rotating kitchen island to expand for different purposes this can add a very interesting dynamic to how we live in the different spaces in our homes, enhance storage, and increase functionality.

Savvy buyers want more then information, they want a custom personal experience – Home sellers, new home builders, and their agents need to have an excellent understanding of who their buyer is in order present their homes or products in ways that specific buyer profile will relate to. What characteristics of the home, lot, and area are you highlighting?

“Design spaces where conversations can continue” – Open living continues to evolve along with the ways we living and entertaining in them. This concept of spaces where the conversation can continue is a great way to look at areas such as the kitchen, utility spaces, ensuite or the indoor / outdoor interface and look at openings, door systems, or visual connections that can adapt to different experiences.

The fireplace for families, grandparents or anyone with children around – This year Town & Country will be introducing the Prestige line COOL TOUCH fireplace, yes COOL TOUCH so no more being worrying about someone getting burnt. The unit is gorgeous and comes by the foot in length, able to span well over 100′ around corners and more. The technology provides a ventilation channel between 2 panes of glass that appeared to be set approx. 3 inches apart keeping the exterior glass cool.

They were so many great presentations and ideas that I’ll look forward to sharing with you throughout the year but just about to head to the 3rd and final show so I’ll leave you with those for now.

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