Would you like a walking village in Qualicum Beach ?

I visited Whistler this past weekend for an outdoor event, and due to an ankle issue I was unable to partake. Although a little disappointing, this gave me the opportunity to spend a lot of time exploring the village and the various neighbourhoods, to see how Whistler has progressed since I lived there in 2002. A lot has changed, especially the various new amenities and facilities that were brought with the Olympics. With that being said, I still feel that at the root of Whistler experience is that one of a kind feeling that one gets when in Whistler’s walking village thats lined with shops, restaurants and various forms of residential living. Qualicum Beach also has a charming downtown core that is highly walkable, which is one of the features that sets us apart from various other communities. Although we don’t have the tourism that Whistler has to support that same form of a walking only village, I think we could always continue to develop on the walkability and connectivity within our downtown core. We currently have a few larger strategic sites in the downtown that could perhaps be a small version of something like this. It could provide opportunities for a variety of living & working spaces of all sorts and scale and center around walkable common spaces that could be used for a variety of community uses including the weekend markets, arts & performance or a social hub just to name a few. Maybe I got carried away in the moment, but maybe not. If you have ever thought of something like this, send us an email and let us know what you think, we’re interested.

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